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Tax Attorney | Testimonials

“Armin Jezari has resolved a couple of issues for me. The results were better than I anticipated. He is very professional and thorough. He doesn't make snap decisions. He takes all the documentation and reviews it completely and puts together the necessary request or document to resolve the issue. He has a thorough understanding of how the system works so he eliminates unnecessary steps. I highly recommend him.”  Del H

"I have been working with Armin for several years now and can tell you that his timeliness, attention to detail, honesty and professionalism have been invaluable to me as a business owner who has retained his services both personally and professionally.  He always assists me to look at the situation from many different perspectives so that we can pursue the legal path that makes the most sense.  I appreciate how quickly he responds to our needs as well as his follow up and genuine concern for our best interests.  I highly recommend Jezari Law."  Gia H

"Absolutely amazing experience and trust worthy knowledge from Jezari Law. Armin is 100% genuinely a good person/lawyer with advice and knowledge that you can rely on. I use Jezari Law for my personal and business advice and have nothing but positive to say. If you are looking for a legal team that is organized, punctual, attentive, strategic and powerful call Jezari Law.”  Business Client

“I have been fortunate to seek Mr. Jezari’s service on a couple of occasions. In spite of his busy schedule, each time he reached back to me immediately and offered the best help I could get. He is an attorney with strong morals and integrity, which makes you feel very safe working with him. He is also very smart, so you know he is looking at your case from every angle.”  Farid F.

“Mr. Jezari is a wonderful attorney. I have had several experiences working with him. He is very professional, patient, ethical, and knowledgeable.  Every experience was more wonderful than the previous one. I have never been disappointed with his work. I absolutely suggest his services for everyone in need of an attorney.” O. E.

“I've had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Jezari over the course of 8 years. Mr. Jezari's professionalism, knowledge and passion are second to none.   He's diligent, efficient and his no-nonsense style of practicing law gets results. He's very meticulous in his work and most importantly he maintains an open channel of communication with clients so they stay updated. Highly recommended!”  Mehdi C.

“Excellent attorney, professional, great rates...and above all honest! Armin has helped me out reviewing several contracts and his advice has been invaluable. Look no further.”  Andre E.

“Armin has handled various legal issues for me throughout the years with strong advocacy, professionalism and tact.” Anna J.

"Armin is a man of goodwill and honesty. He stood by my side while everyone else abandoned me after my war in Iraq, and the real war of coming home. I was facing many years in prison while I should have been offered treatment and help. Without Armin I would still probably be in prison. He saw my struggle and fought very hard to help me get the treatment and help from the VA and the court. I am very grateful to call this man my brother and friend. He is a man that defines true justice and is a man full of kindness and wisdom."  Joshua S.

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